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CONVEYOR BELTS - Belts by Type

Process and Conveyor Belts

For an ever-increasing demand for higher speeds, increased flexibility and durability, and even more stringent international hygiene and safety standards, we offer a wide range of Synthetic and Elastomer belts such as:
  • PU
  • PVC
  • Silicon
  • Kevlar
  • Rubber

High Performance Flat Belts

We offer high quality transmission belts which include:
  • Nylon Power Transmission
  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Elastomer Belt
  • Elastic Belt

Timing Belts

We have a variety of standard solutions for all types of synchronised conveying, linear positioning and power transmission requirements, offering different pitches, tooth shapes, dimensions, cord and covering materials. In addition, we offer :
  • L
  • T
  • AT
  • H
  • HTD
  • Ribbed Belts
  • Variable Speed Belts

Modular Chain Belts

Modular belts are increasingly popular due to their easy cleaning, impact resistance and belt surface properties. We offer the best solutions for many spiral systems in drying, proving, cooling, chilling and freezing applications. Options include :
  • Slat Top Chain
  • Side Flexing
  • Spiral

Power Transmission Belts

The types of Power Transmission belts we offer are:
  • V Belt
  • Banded V-Belt

Stainless Steel Mesh Belts

We offer a wide range of open mesh, stainless steel conveyor belts and conveyors to suit specific applciation and help improve efficiencies. The belt configurations include Flat Flex, Honeycomb, Spiral Woven, Flexible Rod, Self Tracking and Compact Grid types.

High Temperature Chemical Resistant Belts

These laminated food processing belts have a number of unique advantages as they are constructed from PTFE-fabric laminates, that have a non-stick surface and are crack-free, therefore inhibiting bacterial growth.

Belt Fasteners

Our comprehensive range of belt fasteners are available in different materials and are specifically adapted to suit individual belting requirements. The combination of application, belt material and pulley diameter enables us to demonstrate the full spectrum of options that include - wire hooks, hinged/solid plate bolts, spiral laces, hinged/solid plate rivets etc.

Feeder Belts

We offer horizontal and inclined Belt Feeders for extracting bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulating feed to a crusher or screen.